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The borough of Scarperia in the province of Florence in Italy, has a population of a little over 7,000.
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Mugello Racing Circuit
Although the first race held at the Autodromo Mugello International Racing Circuit dates back to 1914 , its fame of began after World War I.
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Lake Bilancino
Over 10 million years ago, in the Mugello territory, the compressing thrusts of the continents formed a huge basin...
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The Source of Acqua Panna®
The source of the delicious mineral water, Acqua Panna®, was discovered high in the Apennine Mountains in Tuscany in 1927.
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Borgo San Lorenzo
Borgo San Lorenzo is one of the most important boroughs in the Mugello territory. It was founded in a place where an antique Roman...
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Vicchio di Mugello
Vicchio is a village dating back to ancient times but began to gain importance especially around the end of the 13th century...
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The Roman Parish church of Saint Agatha, found in the village of the same name, is situated only a short distance from Scarperia...
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International Racing Circuit of Mugello

Das nächstgelegene Hotel zum
Internationalen Rennstrecke von Mugello (km 1)

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